The Demise of Compassion and Remorse Is the Triumph of Disaster and Death

(*Contains graphic photos)

By Remigius Kintu
September 7, 2012

As followers of Jesus Christ we profess in a fundamental dogma that we are all brothers and sisters because we share one Father, our Creator in heaven. This revelation of God the Father through Jesus Christ is further expressed in the 'Lord's Prayer' which God the Son taught His disciples. He said that when you pray say, "Our father who art in heaven..." (Luke 11: 2-4). Other religions also profess the same reality in the oneness of our Creator; that we are all brothers and sisters because we are His children or creatures. We may use different names, i.e. Allah, Yahweh, Nzambe, Mungu, Katonda. etc. ... but it is the same one Creator of the visible and invisible realities. How then can any person in his/her right mind deliberately inflict pain, suffering and even death to a brother or sister?

The Northern Ugandan, the Hutu in Rwanda and the Congolese in Eastern Congo are indeed your brothers and sisters because we all share the same Father in heaven who generously gives rain, sunshine and breath of life to each one of us regardless of our tribal differences, economic and political statuses. That one Father of ours had a reason to give us the same red blood when we bleed regardless of our tribal or ethnic differences. This is the God we invoke daily during our worship; be it in churches, temples or mosques and ask for his daily blessings. To you, the soldier, the civil servant and supporter carrying out criminal orders in blind obedience to your regime will be asked by that God the same question as He asked Cain: "Where is your brother?" (Genesis 4: 8-14). What will be your answer?

Furthermore, how can any person fail to have compassion towards his/her brother who has been so grossly wronged as we have witnessed the killing of innocent people, desecration of human dignity and causing horrible suffering to the people in the Great Lakes region of Africa? It is no wonder that the biblical story of "the Good Samaritan" tells us that those two men who were the first to see the wounded victim of a robbery belonged to an elite group of people of their time. They belonged to those classes of people whom we expect would have taken joy in helping the wounded man to reveal their knowledge and love of God. (Luke 10: 30-37). The biblical road from Jerusalem to Jericho vividly meanders through Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Sudan, Somalia and the robbers are none other than Museveni and Kagame together with foreign members of that lethal cabal of mineral looters. (See Appendix)

Given the suffering, destruction and death of our people in the region, in all fairness, we cannot afford to look the other way as if nothing is happening to our people. Looking the other way makes us look like that "certain priest" who saw the wounded man and passed by because he was more concerned with his business and had no time to pay attention to the emergency need of his brother. The second person, a Levite, belonged to the elite priestly leadership class also passed by. His time and attention were more into where he was going and what he was going to do that he could not be bothered by that bleeding person on the roadside. May be he thought that rendering such a care was below his elite status.

Today, the wounded person is an Acholi who is suffering under the wrath of Museveni's troops who waged a war of extermination against Uganda's Northern region for over 20 years. He then places the blame of his own crimes onto others. The wounded person is a Hutu of Rwanda who was invaded by Ugandan troops in 1990 with support from western powers to establish a brutal minority-dominated Tutsi regime of Paul Kagame and continues to demonize the victims of that savage aggression. The wounded person is the Congolese in Eastern Congo where over 10 million men, women and children have been slaughtered by Ugandan and Rwandese troops in collaboration with their local and foreign buccaneers for the purpose of looting minerals of that country. Unfortunately, the killing of innocent people and stealing minerals from Congo while ferrying them through Uganda and Rwanda continues unabated as you read this document.

It is never too late for the criminal to repent but only until he repents, will he hear those words, "Today you shall be with me in paradise". (Luke 23:43).

The critical issue in our countries of the Great Lakes Region is the proliferation of "Levites and priests" who are more concerned with other things and ignore or shy away from tackling the human suffering, corruption and death which are all around them. These people are like you, me and every person regardless of your position in society because we are each other's brother's keeper whether we like it or not. We cannot continue embracing, praising and accepting evil and its perpetuators in our midst calling them "Honorable" or "Excellency" when their hands are soaked in the blood of our very brothers and sisters. One may argue that even Jesus dined with sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes. That is true; but remember, Jesus constantly reminded His followers to repent for the kingdom of God was at hand. Many followed him listening to his teachings until they rejected the hard truth of the Gospel and chose not to change their ways. (John 6: 60-67)

In particular, those people with leadership responsibility in our countries at every level of society; be it cultural, social, religious or political, have a moral obligation deeply rooted in our spiritual and civic life to be defenders and promoters of peace, justice and righteousness any time anywhere anyhow. For the Christians in particular, we cannot merely talk about the social teaching of our Christian faith during Sunday worship only, but rather immerse those virtues and beliefs in our daily lives so that we can truly be the salt and light of the earth.

Pope John-Paul II wrote, "Christian wisdom continuously inspires the faithful of Christ zealously to endeavor to relate human affairs and activities with religious values in a single living synthesis. The church's mission of spreading the Gospel not only demands that the Good News be preached… but the very power of the Gospel should permeate thought patterns, standards of judgment and norms of behavior."1

In other words, we should not only preach the Gospel but also live it. We must allow it to enter our daily lives, transform our actions, behavior and judgment so as to let the goodness of our God be manifested and revealed in us to the rest of the people.

The Church which Jesus Christ founded and entrusted to St. Peter to shepherd it (John 21: 15-17) and (Matthew 16: 18-19) is not only the Bishops and priests but all of us who were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. An attack on one of those by forces of evil and destruction; be it based on tribe, ethnic, religion, including attacks based on greed for other people's natural resources or tribal desire to dominate others, is an attack on all of us who are members of the universal body of God's church. Our human dignity and lives must be protected, preserved and promoted so that we may live in peace, freedom and love to serve one another and our Creator. After all, God is love and we have a profound obligation to imitate our Creator in all of our daily undertakings.

For that matter, we cannot and should not overlook this fundamental obligation of promoting and defending life, peace, love and justice among people. We cannot abandon our intrinsic duty of upholding and protecting life and human dignity to only a certain section of society. We must accept in the true Christian spirit of brotherhood our collective responsibility to be the standard bearers of peace, justice and truth. Each person was created by God in His own image. Transgressing such a person is an offence to God. It is for that very reason of collective responsibility in solidarity with each other that during the battle of Lepanto of October 7, 1571, a coalition of Christian and southern European forces defeated the Ottoman Empire which was trying to destroy Christendom. While some members faced the enemy with swords and spears, others gathered in church, including the Pope, praying nonstop for victory.

The mechanisms we employ to defend God's kingdom (the people) on earth are not limited to the mechanical tools (machinery, finance or logistics) we use to fight but also spiritual means - the power and value of Prayer.

The late Fr. Tarcisio Agostoni wrote, "The role of religious leaders in fact is to promote the welfare and happiness of people on this earth as preparation for eternal happiness." He goes on to say that "the church represents the moral conscience of a nation, and she is expected to spell out what is good or bad, right or wrong, in the public life of a given community".

Although there are many "biblical priests and Levites" in the Great Lakes region of Africa, Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu took exception and used his pastoral position as true shepherd of God's people in Northern Uganda and declared on June 29, 2003 in a pastoral letter: "I cannot keep quiet when I see the daily humiliation and misery and hear the cry of my people... It is more than evident that we, the faithful of the Catholic and Universal Church, are overtly and covertly attacked in our properties and lives while we try to identify with and opt for the teaching and discipleship of Our Lord Jesus Christ who never refused to welcome any human person: child and adult, young and aged, healthy as well as sick, good as well as sinners."

"These attacks serve nothing but a ploy to divide my people, one against another at this hour of great need for unity. I will not accept it. It is humanity suffering here and we the suffering people must remain united." He goes on the say that "All those who continue to attack us, are attacking innocent, simple and defenseless citizens who have done nothing politically wrong. I therefore denounce the inhuman manner of treating my people in northern Uganda. In the name of the Almighty God to whom nothing can remain concealed STOP harassing innocent people and come to your senses listening to the Lord's exhortation 'Do to no one what you would not wish done to you' (Mt. 7:12) because such behavior is rebellious to God, it is wicked and leads to perdition." 2

The continued expansion of unwarranted wars which engulfed Uganda and spread to Rwanda, Congo, Sudan and Somalia under the open leadership of Yoweri K. Museveni supported by western powers has claimed millions of innocent lives in those countries. The use of Uganda as a staging base for the supply of weapons from overseas that kill our people is something we must condemn and demand in no uncertain terms: stop ferrying weapons from abroad through the old Entebbe Airport to kill our brothers and sisters in the region. Foreign military advisors coming under various covers must stop using Uganda as a Command Base for the destabilization of neighboring countries, destruction of African people and looting our mineral resources.

It is a shame for all of us - religious, civic , political and cultural leaders, civil servants, students and farmers alike - to turn our eyes the other way while this destruction of human lives is conducted by a people we glorify with lofty tittles of "Your Excellency, or Honorable". There is no excuse for anyone, regardless of your position and rank in society to abandon your moral responsibility of eradicating evil from our midst.

There comes a time in life when people of good conscious must put aside everything in order to participate in stopping this destruction of human lives and the gross suppression of human rights and dignity of people in our countries. Only God gives life and only He should take it away. We should not fool ourselves with a fantasy of expecting an Angelic strong person like Archangel St. Michael to descend from Heaven with a mighty sword and stop this heinous human slaughter of the innocent people in our region by self-imposed dictators.

It has been said by many writers and thinkers that the greatest enemy of peace, justice and righteousness are the many people who choose not to stand up for it but rather opt to abdicate their intrinsic duty of proclaiming and defending truth, justice and peace in their communities and countries. How many times have we heard responsible people who are charged with the duty of leading others in various capacities justifying their acquiescing with the enemies of peace and justice? They claim not wanting to rock the boat lest the institutions they represent will be viewed as enemies of the brutal dictatorship. Others say: "I do not want to stick my neck out, lest he sends his killers to chop off my head". And also, "I am comfortable with a good job and all my family are in good books with the regime". Again we see those who are blinded by material gifts lavishly given to them by the dictator in exchange for their support or silence. There are also many people who think that they are too insignificant to make a difference. Every human being counts and can make a difference. It becomes much easier when simple ordinary folks join together in solidarity to stand up for righteousness and for the common good of people.

Evil will always prevail when good people choose to do nothing about promoting good. But if a sizable number of people could stand up for righteousness and justice, they can very easily dispel the darkness of the current brutal dictatorship and corruption which are causing death and suffering to millions of our people in the Great Lakes Region. In other words, if each and every person of grace could light one candle, we can turn the dark region of death and human suffering into a bright region of peace, justice and development for all and human dignity will prevail. The challenge we face today in our region is to constantly adopt a practical and meaningful attitude of social solidarity with the whole human family in facing the current menace of brutal dictatorship, corruption, denial of human and civil rights of the people, greed and economic exploitation. This solidarity should not be a mere academic discourse but rather a vividly tangible one which can produce positive results. Any regime which embarks on a policy of killing innocent people, suppressing the rights of its citizens and destroying the basic dignity of human beings must be rejected and opposed by all people of goodwill. Failure to do so is an abdication of each one's fundamental right and duty of defending the right to life, happiness and equal opportunity for all people to live and work in dignity and peace.

Let a new story be written that the road which meanders through Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Sudan and Somalia to Jericho has many passers-by. And that this time around, all of us stopped where we were going and what we were doing in order to take care of our wounded "brother." The reason for this is very simple. We strongly believe that an attack on one is an attack on all. As St. Paul wrote in his First Letter to the Corinthians Chapter 12: 14-26, we many have many parts but one body. We may be many and also look different but one Father and one Lord Jesus Christ. When one part, (be it Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda or Somalia), suffers or attacked or violated, the entire region and universal community of God's people are attacked and violated. In the final analysis, may we be judged as the "Samaritan" who treated the wounded man with mercy. (Luke 10: 36-37)

SOS: here's what Paul Kagame army is doing in the DRC! Paulin K. Chirisungu (images deprecated under 16 years)

The names of 35 Congolese massacred by the Rwandan army in Bunyakiri.

After 185 people massacred in North Kivu, on May 14, 2012, between 3: 00 and 5: 45 am in the morning, a Rwandan militia is introduced in the town of Lukando, village of Kamananga, Bunyakiri in South-Kivu to kill all its inhabitants.

Contrary to Syrian victims of last weekend that cause emergency and meetings of the convictions on the part of the Security Council of the United Nations, the Congolese victims (8 million) went unmentioned. Further evidence of the complicity of the UN system in the pay of the major military and economic powers in the massacre of Congolese to the Balkanization of the R.D. Congolese territory.

Before this international complicity in the DRC, the Congolese learns well on the later to be its own spokesperson and his own Defender. It is the law of history. Help yourself and heaven will help you. For example, in the aftermath of the carnage of Kamananga, the survivors before the horror of bloody bodies littering the plots and trails Lukando, seeing that they had nothing to lose and protect chose to attack unarmed peacekeepers of the MONUSCO representing the international community silent when it comes to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the DRC. Indeed, the camp of the Monusco is not far from Kamananga.

But the Monusco had not intervened. Therefore it was taken in part when she was about to do what she knows to DRC, namely, effective victims and declare that the authors of the carnage are the generic "FDLR in memory of the genocide in Rwanda of 1994 and to support the Rwandan Congo. occupation." Clashes between civilians and members of the Monusco had 14 minor injuries among the blue helmets of the Monusco.", [Editor's Note: the BBC is to surprise the Congolese by issuing a report of Monusco accusing Rwanda of being behind the M23.] It remains whether the Monusco can go beyond the information and apply Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations to Rwanda out of State to the DRC. But with subservience to the Congolese Government by Rwanda, the Congolese people is only before his fate.]

Here are a few names of the victims found and identified:
1. Documents Nyarukemba (man) killed
2. Son of documents Bayomba (man) wounded
3. Kabubwa Ngomerero (woman), killed
4. Migo Mongo Bernardin (man), killed
5. Baraka Silla (woman), killed
6. Tuliya Silla (woman), injured
7. Solange TulinaboSolange Tulinabo (woman), killed
8. Zawadi Maendeleo (woman), killed
9. Zawadi Maendeleo (female) child, killed
10. Furaha Stefania (woman), engulfed in the third degree in his house
11. Shukuru Hamuliko (woman), injured
12. Child of Shukuru Hamuliko (woman), killed
13. Balyamwabo BukiroBalyamwabo Bukiro (woman), killed
14. Bampa Bukiro (woman), killed
15. Child of Bampa Bukiro (woman), killed
16. Moise Kangoma (man), killed
17. Wife Moise Kangoma Riziki (woman), killed
18. Katindi Bwaale (woman), killed
19. Passy Chibarachi (woman), killed
20. Julie Silla (woman), killed
21. Naburembo MOM Kafuluka (woman), killed
22. Monika Kakoko (woman), killed
23. Nazaire Hachombo (woman) killed
24. Vumi Mado (woman), killed
25. Louise Namwenda Kachikomo (woman), killed
26. Child of Louise Namenda (woman), killed
27. Child of Malimingi Bukumba (woman), killed
28. Wife Mashopo (woman), killed 29. Child of Mashapo (1) (daughter), killed
30. Child of Mashapo (2) (daughter) killed
31. MOM Sofia (woman), killed
32. Child of Pablo (daughter), killed
33. Child of Théophile Ngirima (daughter), killed
34. Masumbuko Chisuku (man), a shot of a member of the MONUSCO in Kichanga in 9 h15' 35 Kangara Nyongoro (woman), injured by a bullet of a member of the MONUSCO to Kambali/Choko at 9 a.m. Persons killed = 35
Injured = 19 Houses burned = 45
Looted objects: several including a motorcycle belonging to Mr Pablo.

"When the Government violates the rights of the people, the insurgency is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties. " : Declaration of the rights of man and citizen of 1793, section 35.

The war imposed by multinational corporations on the Congolese eventually by a Congolese revolution, when the Congolese people will fight as one man against the domination and exploitation he imposed from the outside. The inhabitants of Bunyakiri already understood where salvation will come!

Paulin K. Chirisungu

1 John Paul II, Go in Peace A Gift of Enduring Love (Mumbai India,St. Paul Press, 2009) p. 152
2 Tarcisio Agostoni, MCCJ Every Citizen's Handbook,(Limuru, Kenya,Paulines Publications Africa,,, 2003) p 43-45.