President Museveni & NRM Atrocities

By Remigius Kintu
March 31, 2017

  • For the past 31 years, Uganda is ruled by a dictator - Yoweri Museveni. He wants it to become a family dynasty by grooming his son, Major General Muhoozi to be his successor.

  • Uganda has no democracy under Museveni. He has conducted four (5) sham elections (1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, and 2016), set up by his electoral machinery which steals the votes. There is no hope of changing government through elections since the outcomes are always pre-set.

  • Museveni and his NRM regime are killing Ugandans in torture dungeon, concentration camps and on streets including the use of poison in a deliberate attempt to exterminate indigenous Ugandans.

  • Museveni has stolen and embezzled thousands of hectres of land from Ugandans where he is settling Tutsis brought in daily by the busloads from Eastern Congo and Rwanda in an attempt to turn Uganda into a Tutsi controlled and populated country.

  • Museveni brings into Uganda members of his ethnic Tutsis on a daily basis from Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo settling them on stolen land.

  • Museveni kills Ugandans who show signs of being effective or potential community leaders in order to deprive Uganda of indigenous leaders.

  • Opposition leaders are frequently imprisoned, tortured and some killed. Thousands of people have been killed and many more are languishing in so-called "safe houses" which are essentially torturing and killing dungeons.

  • Museveni and his NRM cabal have destroyed the economy through crude mismanagement, embezzlement and outright theft of funds and properties from public and private entities. The economic collapse has brought about a high rate of unemployment, especially among the youth, that exceeds 70 percent.

  • Museveni has fostered a culture of corruption which has reached astronomical proportions. Taking bribes, kick-backs and embezzling public funds is rife from the president down to the lowest person in the government.

  • Essential services, such as education and health, are in total shambles. Schools are dilapidated, Medical personnel, teachers and other public servants including police officers are frequently go on without salaries for months. Makerere University, the largest and oldest higher education institution, has been reduced to the level of an inflated high school. Hospitals are there in name without basic facilities. Medical supplies and drugs are a thing of the past.

  • Human freedom and rights are crushed daily by armed military that are deployed in the city and towns to intimidate, harass and kill people who express their dissatisfaction with the deplorable conditions.

  • Cultural institutions and places of historical Antiquity have been destroyed in an attempt to erase Ugandan history and identities.

  • Museveni introduced a satanic practice of human sacrifice. He started this diabolic practice at the beginning of his bush war in Luwero triangle with sacrificing to his "gods" a young virgin girl of about 9 years together with a sheep and rooster. According to Daniel who was present, he claimed that the gods will bless their fight and win the war. That ritual is still practiced by Museveni and his NRM cabal reportedly for the purpose of accumulating wealth and power.