Is Uganda Re-Colonized?

By Remigius Kintu
April 26, 2017

During the British colonial rule, all key posts in the Uganda Police Force were occupied by British officers. That was then. The people of Uganda worked very hard and risked their lives to end the dreaded colonial occupation.

During the current dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda has been re-colonized by Tutsis from Rwanda. All of the Police commanding posts throughout the country (79 of them) are occupied by Tutsis as you can see in the attached list. Although at least 60% of the regular police personnel are genuine Ugandans, those are not placed in position of power and influence because they cannot be trusted to execute the expected brutality against the civilian population. For the past 31 years under Museveni's dictatorship, the people of Uganda are tortured and killed en masse in the most barbaric and gruesome manner.

For example, on November 29, 2016 Uganda Police together with the army killed over 100 men, women and children at the Bakonjo King's palace in Kasese. Many local and international organizations, including Human Rights Watch condemned that senseless and barbaric massacre of innocent people. About 146 people including King C.W. Mumbere were arrested and severely tortured. (See pictures of Kasese Massacre). There is no demarcation line between the police and Museveni's army when it comes to torturing and killing opposition party leaders and activists, burning and destroying schools, taking people's land and properties by force, crushing opposition party meetings as was the case in April of 2017at the intended Democratic Party meetings at Nsambya on March 31, 2017 and in Masaka on April 23, 2017. Never in the history of Uganda have the people been savagely brutalized as is the case under Museveni's Tutsi imperial dictatorship.

The same police force under General Kalechezi Kaihura organized a machete-wielding gang of murderers, according to testimonies of its members. President Museveni also publicly confirmed that the gang killers are from the police but did nothing about it. According to the gang members' public confessions, they are recruited, instructed and escorted by regular police officers who order them to invade homes at night, killing, stealing maiming people and forcing many to run away from their ancestral areas. In return, the gang killers are paid a small amount of money. This new type of government-sponsored terrorist activities started in Lwengo, Kakuuto, Kabonera and other rural areas of Masaka. They have now spread into many other areas of Luweero, Wakiso, Mukono, Kampala surroundings and other locations in the country.

It is the more reason why UNF proposes a Federal System of Government after Museveni's dictatorship has been deposed. Each Federal State or District Government shall establish a local police force which is composed of people from that area as is the case in all stable and democratic countries. The state or district police will be responsible for maintaining law and order, protect people and property. They will be required to conduct themselves professionally, respect and uphold human dignity in the process of carrying out their duties.