Uganda National Front
P. O. Box 10784
Silver Spring, MD 20914



The Uganda National Front (UNF) is an organization of Ugandans who oppose President Museveni's corrupt and murderous dictatorship. UNF want to regain our country and build a peaceful, Federal, democratic and progressive nation. UNF was formed in 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya by representatives of various anti-dictatorship Ugandan groups which are inside and outside the country. UNF members come from the four regions of Uganda (Northern, Eastern, Western and Buganda region). These groups came together after realizing that working together is the only way to achieve our common objective.

The founders of UNF realized that merely opposing a bad leader without coming up with a practical and positive new vision of a better Uganda is meaningless. It is apparent that bad leadership and concentration of power in one or a few hands leads to dictatorship and tyranny. It is for that reason UNF supports the idea of establishing a true and effective Federal system of government which was recommended by the Ben Adoki Commission of 1994.

Getting together enabled us to formulate a sound and practical program of action through which the people of Uganda can regain their country and build a free and progressive nation. Since that meeting, support for our vision has expanded among Ugandans and friends inside Uganda and other countries. UNF is coordinating efforts to mobilize the international community and Ugandans to remove Museveni's criminal regime from power by any means necessary.

UNF leadership is composed of men and women who are genuinely committed to good governance, and amicable relations with friendly nations. We understand that a leadership team can only be as good as each individual on the team. These are a people who believe in building a democratic and progressive nation that is founded on sound and strong institutions. In that respect, UNF leaders are:

  • Qualified and capable individuals who are or can be acceptable to Ugandans;

  • People who are not tainted with the stains of the previous notorious regimes;

  • People with outstanding character and integrity in their respective communities;

  • People with demonstrated and verifiable commitment of putting Uganda into an acceptable direction politically, economically, socially and culturally;

  • People who are willing and ready to serve their country, not themselves as the case has been;

  • People who respect and value our cultures, norms and institutions which are the pride of Uganda and enrich our society.